International Professional Association of Central Sterile Services (IPACSS)

New Website Launch Date: September 2024

At the International Professional Association of Central Sterile Services (IPACSS), previously known as ACSPDI, we’re presently revamping our online platform. As the premier professional membership organization across Europe and the Middle East, we are expanding our reach to attract prospective new members from the United States and Asia (beginning with the Philippines). Our ambition is to provide an enhanced and more interactive online experience for professionals worldwide engaged in central sterile services. We are certain that our freshly updated website will illustrate our constant commitment to this essential profession. We take pride in our extensive global network comprising thousands of members.

Here are some exciting new features you can expect:

**Resource Library:** An all-encompassing, constantly updated reservoir of information about central sterile services, featuring best practices, guidelines, latest research, and much more.

** Consulting Services: A comprehensive Consulting Services, designed to support surgery center members, particularly start-ups, in establishing and optimizing their sterile processing units (SPUs). Our consulting services also include staffing solutions to ensure that healthcare facilities, especially new surgery centers, have access to skilled sterile processing technicians.

**Learning Platform:** A robust online learning platform providing a wide range of training and education opportunities, including continuing education courses designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in the central sterile services field.

**International Certification:** Information about becoming a Registered Central Sterile Services Department Technician (RCSSDT), including certification prerequisites, examination details, and benefits. Showcasing your commitment to excellence, this certification will enable you to stand out globally in the central sterile services industry.

** Accreditation / Credentialing Services: **** Accreditation of training programs in the sterile processing sector. This service is designed to ensure that training programs, whether provided by hospitals or educational institutions, meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

**Membership Benefits:** Detailed insights into our membership levels, unique benefits, and the process to become a member of our community.

**Events Calendar:** Keep track of upcoming conferences, webinars, and training sessions specific to central sterile services.

**Professional Networking Platform:** A tailor-made social networking platform for central sterile processing professionals, promoting engaging conversations, collaborative opportunities, and knowledge exchange.

**Career Center:** Your go-to source for job opportunities, career advice, and resources specifically curated for professional development within the central sterile services industry.

**News & Updates:** Stay updated with the latest trends, advancements, and breakthroughs in the central sterile services sector.

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